Verdal – an exciting touristic goal

The Soria Moria Park is situated in Verdal, one of the biggest municipalities in the county of Nord-Trøndelag. The history of Verdal is characterized by a number of dramatic events. The most famous is Slaget på Stiklestad in 1030, where the Saint King Olav den Hellige was killed. Under the Store nordiske krig 1699-1721, general Carl Gustaf Armfeldt made a innfall gjennom Verdal in 1718 to conquerTrondheim. Verdalsraset in 1893, where 112 people were killed is the greatest natural disaster on land in Norway in historic time.

Verdal seethes with activity in the summer with the Play about Holy Olav in the Olsok weekend, the Vømmøl festival in June and a number of other festivals and events. In the town centre which is 3 km away from Soria Moria Camping, you will find good restaurants, cinema, theatre, liquor store and all types of shops. The area is known as the Lottery district.

Sight in Verdal and the neighbouring districts

Stiklestad Nasjonale kultursenter AS: The centre and the museum are open all summer. The Olsok festival in the end of July is the greatest culture event in the area. The whole area is crowded and there are concerts, lectures, art exhibitions and a medieval market. Høydepunktet er "Spelet om Heilag Olav", Norges største friluftsteater med over 200 aktører. Here, there is a folk museum presenting more than 30 buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. (

Rinnleiret Museum: Rinnleiret military camp is the oldest preserved cavalry camp in all of Europe with buildings from the end of the 19th century. 21 of the buildings are listed. This is where Rinnleiret Museum is found. The collection consists of weapons and equipment, tools and uniforms, photos, documents and books. There are separate exhibitions for Nordenfjeldske Dragonregiment, Tysklandsbrigaden, FN-troppene, Norske Kvinners sanitetsforening, Nord-Trøndelag Infanteriregiment nr.13, Rinnleiret Kulturlandskap and Karolinerprosjektet. (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Falstadsenteret and Falstad Museum: I situated at Ekne in Levanger municipality, 30 km from the Soria Moria Park. Memorial and centre for human rights. The centre consists of Falstad fangeleir and Falstadskogen, which was the place of execution for the occupant. Today, the wood is a war burial ground and a listed memorial. (

Den gyldne omvei: Idyllic stretch of country road through Inderøy, Verdal's closest neighbour. A number of actors along the route offer varied culture experiences. (

De værdelske befestninger: Unique fortress about 20 km from Soria Moria Camping with a fortifications in the mountain which was originally built as defence against an attack from Sweden.

Outdoor life, golf, hunting and fishing

In addition to being one of Norway's most interesting areas for bird watching, Verdal has also a lot of other activities to offer within outdoor life, hunting and fishing. Verdalselva is famous for good salmon fishing.

Trones Golfbane, one of Norway's best (18 hole course), is idyllically situated on the Troneshalvøya, 3 km from the Soria Moria Park. (