The story about Soria Moria

The Soria Moria Park was Norway's first amusement park, constructed on the small farm Vestvik in Verdal. Sverre and Ella Vestvik constructed a fairytale world modelled after the Swedish folk parks. The park was opened in 1959 and was designed to offer valuable experiences in beautiful and suggestive surroundings.

There was continuous development work going on and after some years, the whole property of about 100 acres was transformed into a fairytale park. In the middle of the park was Soria Moria castle where the Soria Moria Princess and King would appear on the balcony once a year. There was a zoo featuring big and small animals; there was a fairytale forest and "Berget det blå" (reference to a Norwegian fairytale); there was a historical department featuring old vehicles, a tar kiln and an area containing plants that were used in folk medicine. There was also a dance hall and fairground, café and kiosk.

The Soria Moria Park had a big stage and presented a lot of artists and shows. There was great emphasis on presenting programmes including local folk music and other forms of art. The park had its own group of folk dancers and its own marching band. The park would also stage big events with guest artists and the greatest events would gather an audience of several thousand.

The park was an Eldorado for children with playgrounds, trolls and animals that stimulated their fantasy and made for well being. The park was characterized by its trees and bushes and the thousands of flowers that decorated the park.

The park received 20,000 – 30,000 visitors every summer. When the creator of the park, Sverre Vestvik, died in 1975, applications for public support for renovation and development of the park was submitted. The applications were declined and the Soria Moria Park was closed. At the present, only the memories about the old Soria Moria Park are left. But the park itself with its flowers and trees is still there and some of the buildings and a number of museum pieces have been preserved. These are pleasant elements for those who visit the Soria Moria Park today.